Wedding favours have increasingly become an important aspect of weddings. They are a great way of showing your appreciation to your guests and to give them something to remember the day by. Often, these favours are left behind by the guests at tables or tossed at some stage. How do you ensure that favours create a lasting impression on your guests’ mind’? Let’s explore some key factors to think about when choosing your wedding favours.


Consider the theme of your wedding when preparing favours. Wedding favours should appear cohesive with your overall theme. If you do not have a themed wedding, think about the colours you would be using for the event such as table decorations, colours of flowers, and wedding gowns/attire. You should also ensure that the wedding favours work well in the venue you have picked. For instance, in an outdoor wedding setting, you may consider favours that contain floral or other nature elements to them.


Couples often look for trends before deciding on favours. They tend to focus on what they have been receiving from other weddings they have attended and tend to follow suit. Take time to find favours that suit your personalities, cultures, heritage or are symbolic to the both of you. It is your day, so make it a memorable one with meaningful gifts!


Weddings are expensive and you have to factor in costs when deciding on your favours. You do not need to break the bank to find good wedding favours. Plan your favours ahead of time and order them in bulk to reduce costs as far as possible.


Personalising favours goes a long way in showing your appreciation to your guests. Whether it is engraving the date of your wedding, or adding a simple thank you note, personalising your gifts will ensure your favours stand out and make an impression on your guests.


Wedding favours can be handed out at any time during the wedding. Most couples prefer to hand them out at the beginning or right at the end. If you are having a sit down wedding function, you may want to think about displaying your favours on the guests’ tables. You may make your favours and table cards the same – this might save you time and money.

If you are having a traditional wedding, you may consider setting them up at the reception table at the entrance of the function hall or may even consider setting them out at the side of the serving tables. This will ensure that the favours are visible to all guests.

If you are planning to have a display table set up for your favours, ensure that they are pleasing to the eye and tempt each and every one of your guests to take one home!


Always order more than the number of guests you anticipate (keeping in mind your budget of course!) to ensure that you have backup favours ready for all guests. Favours may get destroyed during transit and ordering slightly more than needed, would safe you much agony in the future.